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First World Problems

7 Dec

Sometimes (often), some people (I), need a little kick in the rear, to bring them back to reality.

This last week has been one of the busiest weeks of my entire life.


Ok, maybe not my entire life, but definitely the busiest week I’ve had in a while.  I’m dealing with extensive to-do lists and rapidly approaching deadlines resulting in sleepless nights, a bad attitude and unjustified complaining.  And not even about anything worthwhile.  I find myself complaining about the most trivial bullshit, commonly referred to as ‘First World Problems.’  #FWP

OMG, it took me five minutes to find a parking spot, and when I finally did it was like three blocks away from my apartment.

Really?  You own a GD car.  Beyond that, it actually drives, you have an apartment, and the parking was free.  First world problems.

It’s so ridiculous that I can’t use data on my iPhone while out of the country.  I can only call and text.

Wow.  Not getting emails and only being able to call, text, play angry birds and fruit ninja on a device that understands english, answers questions and takes pictures all the while fitting into the pocket of your skinny jeans…  Yeah, that’s rough.  PS: People used to die from the Chicken Pox.  First world problems.

I’m so thirsty and sweaty after my hot yoga class.

You just drank an entire litre of water imported from fucking Fiji, then paid some skinny white dude $40 to speak to you in Sanskrit for an hour while you willingly dehydrate yourself.  First world problems.

This free sample of hot apple cider from Trader Joe’s isn’t hot anymore.

If the words; ‘free’, ‘hot,’ and ‘groceries’ are in your regular vocabulary and would consider this an inconvenience, you should probably drown yourself in your remaining lukewarm Trader Joe’s cider .

Sometimes life is hard, but right now you’re on the internet reading a blog.

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