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Moms with jobs….. what up with that?!?!

1 Aug

I am a Mom and I work. There! I said it! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, world!

I know what you’re saying, “Moms in the workforce are nothing new, Jenn!” Well as a Mom who works, I have felt a trend lately where it seems less “acceptable” to be a working Mom with young children. I know this because every time I go to an audition, the first thing someone says to me is, “Who’s watching Lola?”

At first I would answer with “She’s with her Dad.” Or “She’s with the sitter.” But as I started to get bombarded with this question time and time again, I started answering sarcastically in the hopes of embarrassing these people for asking such a stupid ass question.

Them- “Where’s Lola?”  Me- “You know what? I have no idea…..”

Them- “Who is watching Lola?”  Me- “No one. I left her alone, in the tub, with a toaster…”

You’re probably thinking right now as I write this blog “Who is watching the baby while you write this blog!!!” Jenn, what about the baby?!?!

No one ever asks my husband when he’s at work who is watching Lola. They just assume she’s with her mother….arrrggggg!!!

To give you an idea of how little respect Moms with jobs get, when I Googled “Famous Moms with Jobs” for this article the first link was to a Youtube video entitled Britney spears naked video college geometry textbook public blow jobs!”

Thanks Google, thanks for the respect. Although, I am intrigued that “geometry” made it into that mix.

By the way, being a Mom who stays at home with the kids is JUST as hard as a Mom who works out of the house.  I probably wear high heels more frequently, but Hero Moms who stay at home, probably have a cleaner house, and unlike me, you know where your daughter’s immunization card is.

My at home Mom shoes.

My at work Mom shoes.

So thanks to Google, I thought I’d give you a few examples of Moms who work out of the home, love their children, and kick ass!

Hillary Clinton- Hilary held her head high during the most personally embarrassing time of her life, handles foreign affairs with grace, and speaks to victims of political oppression in a way that truly inspires.  Also her daughter is lovely and doesn’t dress like a strumpet.

Sheryl Swoopes- Sheryl was the first woman to be signed to the WNBA, she won 3 Olympic Gold medals, and was named the 2000 WNBA player of the year AFTER she gave birth to her son! On being a working Mom Sheryl says, “I want people to remember me as a great athlete, but more than that, I want people to remember me as a great mom.” You go, tall girl!

My mom- My mother set an amazing example for me. When I was young my mother returned to school, got her degree, and spent the next 25 years teaching and counseling young children.  We used to joke that at 5’0 ft. my Mom was good with children because she was the same height as them. But the real reason was that she really cared, and no one worked harder for those kids than my Mom.  You go, short girl!

Have a great week, and if you know a Mom who works outside the house, for the love of The Sweet Baby Jesus, DON’T ask her who is looking after her kids!!!!

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