6 Jun
This week while in a shop, my child claimed as her own, a stuffed pig. We bought said pig, brought it home and I named it “Bacon”.  Why? Because in our house the philosophy is “Everything is better with bacon!” As the days went by, Bacon started traveling around the city with Lola and I. Then I started to notice the look of horror on some people’s faces when I told Lola to “Let them meet Bacon!” and she cheerfully held up her stuffed pig. Some people laughed, the deli department really got a kick out of it, but others….well, they seemed none-too-amused.  So it got me to thinking: what is the appropriate age to tell your child where meat comes from? I had entertained thoughts of telling her about “The Meat Fairy,” “The Sausage Tree” in our backyard, or “The Great Hamburger Fields of Wyoming.”  But in the end, I think the longer you keep “what that hamburger is made of” secret from your child, the more angry and shocked they’re going to be when some kid at school makes a “moo” sound when they’re tucking into a Quarter Pounder. My personal decision was to tell Lola from day one which animal died to make the meat on her plate. We are a meat-eating family. That’s how we roll, man.

Part of my philosophy comes from Chef Gordon Ramsay, who years ago decided to raise turkeys and grow vegetables in his backyard for Christmas dinner. I watched with rapt attention as he explained to his 4 young children that the turkeys were there to be taken care of and fattened up for THEIR supper on Christmas day.  When the turkeys’ “time” drew near, the children surprisingly bid a dry-eyed farewell. And when Gordon asked when they would next see the turkeys, the children shouted enthusiastically: “On our plates!”

Now, I want you to know we are not ignorant to the mass mistreatment of animals in the meat industry today. locked in tiny cages, standing in their own feces, and never feeling the sunshine on their skin. Like Lindsay Lohan in the drunk tank on a Friday night.  Jokes aside, it’s really awful. The animals, not the Lohan thing. The meat my family eats is bought very carefully. And it costs a LOT of money. While in Toronto this summer we buy meat from an amazing place called “Rowe Farms”. Now the prices will initially make you wonder: “Does this chicken come with a diamond tennis bracelet?” But as you shop there you realize that this is what meat that has been raised humanely without any hormones or antibiotics COSTS.   So when you cook this meat, you cook it with LOVE. Knowing that these animals lived a healthy life. Knowing how hard those independent farmers work to make a living. Knowing how hard you had to work to earn the money to pay for this meat. And the results of everyone’s efforts are pretty tasty!

I’m sure this article will ruffle more than a few feathers, pardon my pun. I know each of you has your own philosophy when it comes to meat or no meat, and I want you to know that I totally respect you. But you really are missing out when it comes to bacon! You know you are! Every deli section has, “Veggie Bacon”, “Turkey Bacon”, and “Chicken Bacon.” Just give up. Nothing will ever be as delicious as actual bacon. End. Of. Story. You either eat it or you don’t. Just stop trying to make it with soy. It’s just sad.


3 Responses to “Bacon.”

  1. Anita Martens June 6, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    LOL….Jen I love you!!!

  2. Deb McGrath June 7, 2011 at 6:41 am #

    I LOVE THIS. Made me laugh, made me think. What more can we ask for. My two boys are meat eaters with no excuses and that is their right. We also make best efforts to buy the kind of diamond bracelet meat you speak of. I however am one of those losers who eat turkey bacon. Turkeys stupid. Pigs smart. What can I say?

    • society finch June 7, 2011 at 8:01 am #

      You’re like Gweneth Paltrow Deb! You only eat things with two legs! Respect my friend. Respect.

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