May Flowers

30 May

Spring has sprung my friends!

Yes, I’m very aware that this light-hearted statement is coming from a woman sitting in her Southern California apartment, where apparently ‘seasons don’t exist past an eternal summer.’ (Not true.)  I’m even more aware that if you live anywhere on the east coast, like my beloved partner in crime, perennial temperatures have yet to find you.  I know this because Jenn makes sure to overwhelm my email, texts, and voicemail with regular updates, making it impossible for me to complain of a sunburn or take a cool breeze too seriously.

“The weather here still sucks the big one.”

“The weather in Toronto is ass. Every one looks sad and pale.”

Message received.  I get it.  But don’t get your hate on just yet, my dear East-coasters.  It’s important to remember that the beautiful thing about seasons, is that they change.  I’ll have you know that here on the coastline we experience our own ‘April showers/May flowers’ kind of deal. We have our  ‘May Gray,’ and ‘June Gloom.’  Almost every morning begins overcast and gray. I’m already anything but a morning person, so take away my morning sunshine, and don’t bother talking to me before 11am.  It won’t be pretty.   This weekend I stole away with my camera, while the sun was shining, to remind us all of what’s to come.  New color, new life, new shoes.  (Ok, maybe that’s just me. There are some serious Memorial day sales this weekend!)


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