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What To Wear

25 Apr

Whether you’re soaking in the spring sunshine, or just plain soaking from those chilly April showers, its time for a wardrobe change!  Spring/Summer 2011 is upon us friends, and we want to talk  fashion!  Here are our top five favorite trends for this upcoming season.

1) That 70’s Girl

LOVING this one!  High-waisted trousers, longer blazers, maxi skirts, platforms, jumpsuits, crop tops…  ok, so maybe I’m not loving all of it.  Crop tops, really? We’re going there again?  Sure they look cute on a sixteen year old model, but I ate a bowl of rice pasta last night.  My crop top window has officially closed and I have no regrets!  Me and my mid-drift prefer to side with a pair of high waisted, wide leg trouser jeans.  Far more flattering for those of us of legal voting age.  As for this 70’s trend, make it boho or chic, but whatever you do… make sure to give it a modern twist!

2) Sheer & Lace

Anyone that knows me, knows I am 100% committed to this trend!  In the past  I’ve taken this to the extreme, and maybe even once (…or twice) shown up to a party a little less than appropriate.  But I don’t care!  I love it!  Add a little sheer or lace and give your non-transparent wardrobe a kick in the pants. Just remember that a little goes a long way and just because American Apparel makes a full length lace bodysuit, doesn’t mean it’s OK to wear it in public.  And choose your lace wisely.  The goal here is to add mystery rather than remind your friends of their grandmother’s table cloth.

3) Pretty in Pastels

Pale pink, icey blue, acid yellow, and aquamarine… If you’re going for ‘pretty’ this spring/summer, these soft hues are serious staples.

Tip: For your own safety keep your pastels to a minimum, or you may find your running for your life from a group of angry children, confusing you with a giant Easter egg with limbs.

4) Notice Patterns

Let’s make this quick and easy, go big, go bold, go wild!  You really can’t go wrong here.  Well… that may not be entirely true.  It can be easy to mess up when there’s so many amazing florals, and chic animal prints available.  Pick one print and make a statement!  Those who are truly gifted can mix patterns but this is a feat for fashion Jedi’s only! (FYI combining an animal print with a 70’s inspired jumpsuit… not ok.)

5) Short Cuts

Emma Watson, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Williams and Keira Knightley all did it, who will be next? Going short seems to be the way to go this season, and it looks like our very own Society Fincher, Jenn, is leading the way with this trend. All hair lengths were seen sweeping the runways for S/S 2011, but with dramatic side parts and a little extra length on top maintaining femininity, the punky short cut stood out among the rest.  (Just like our Jenn!)

A Hair Piece

18 Apr
Destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.This week I suffered from bad hair Karma. For those of you who have been following Society Finch from the beginning, you’ll recall that our very first blog was about all the zany things Nic and I had done to our hair in order to achieve “just the right blonde.” Oh, how we laughed about all the stuff we had put our hair through! Oh, the hilarity! Oh, the good times!

This week… the good times stopped.My colorist Ava applied the SAME color she’d been using for 4 months, and then took me to the sink to wash the color out. Ava suddenly looked pale and excused herself to go have a cigarette out back.  She returned from the alley smelling smoky but composed, to tell me that something had gone terribly wrong.  “It appears that your hair is so damaged that it did not absorb all of the color. (Pause) In fact, it seems that the only color that your hair absorbed is green.” Yup, green.  As in boogers, Kermit, and 97% of the vomit on St. Patrick’s Day.

Let me interject by saying my ancestry is British, which means no matter how upsetting something is, we don’t like to express emotion or react in public. In fact, when my great uncle was asked how he dealt with his city of Newcastle Upon Tyne being constantly bombed during WWII, he replied, “We muddled through it.”So, upon hearing the alarming news of my green hair, I simply said, “Well, this is unexpected.” I then learned much of my hair would need to be cut off and my hair would need to be red. No other color options.  Apparently, the only color that covers green is red, end of story.  I arrived a blonde getting her roots done, and left the salon with short red hair. I got into the car and called my husband, told him I was on my way home and that “things had gone a bit weird.”  “Weird how?” he asked.  I then informed him that I looked okay but I looked a bit like a young schoolboy. On the upside, it turns it out my husband is quite fond of young schoolboys. Nothing creepy, he’s just fond of their musical stylings. You know: Justin Beiber, boy’s choirs, Menudo, that sort of thing.

So change was forced upon me this week, and after a short (Get it?) adjustment period, I am happy with my new hair. With hair, like in life, if you muck about and can’t decide what you want, a decision will be made FOR you. So if you want to be master of your own hair destiny, treat your hair kindly, lest something unexpected happens to your hair and you find yourself having to “muddle through it.”Gotta go, I hear Menudo playing in the other room and my husband wants me to try on short pants and a blazer.

Pizza Face.

12 Apr
As a gluten and diary sensitive humanoid there are many things that I really should not consume. Cheese and bread being some very basic examples, and then… there’s pizza (heavy, sad sigh) which is essentially bread covered in cheese. For the GF/DF (gluten free/dairy free) individual, pizza is what they call “the perfect storm.” Pizza is everything we shouldn’t eat wrapped and delivered to your door in a beautiful cardboard box.
Last week on Friday April 8, at 7pm Pacific Standard Time, I ate pizza. Not just one slice, four slices because no body ever eats just one slice of pizza.
In my defense it was moving week. Oh the joys of moving! And when I say “joys” I mean the waves of despair that wash over you slowly convincing you that owning anything that weighs over 5 pounds is just an unacceptable life style choice.
My husband was out of town, and without the good council of my other half I did crazy things!  I carried a sofa in two parts up a huge flight of stairs by myself.  That’s right, by myself fools!  I also used a rented Rug Doctor upholstery and carpet cleaner and attempeted to use the upholstrey cleaning products on both the sofa AND carpet.  I should not have used upholstrey cleaner on carpets.  The foam was everywhere fools! I’m not sure why I have started writing in the voice of Mr. T but I think it really speaks to my emotional state last week, which brings me back to why I ate pizza….
I was tired, I was hungry and my lower lumbar region was killing me! So I ate the pizza. I deserved the pizza! But then the pizza started attacking me slowly from inside. A a side cramp here, a nervous fart there, and finally an explosive rash/breakout on my stomach and face!!!  Not since my teens had I seen something this horrific!
Now I don’t have a time machine… yet, but if I did I would go back in time and make a gluten free roasted vegetable and goat cheese pizza.  And it would go a little something like this…..

I use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Dough.  It’s AMAZING!!!!!!  Just add yeast, water, eggs and oil and voila!  I’ve fed this pizza dough to many gluten and dairy devouring friends, and they’re none the wiser.  For best results, I bake mine on a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone dusted with corn meal.  This will give your pizza a nice even crust.  It’s topped with home-made tomato sauce, sautéed garlic, onions, spinach and mushrooms, and artichokes.   If you can digest small amounts of goats milk like me,  crumble a little goat cheese on top and finish things off with some fresh cracked pepper!

We all fall off our eating regimes sometimes and eat something that doesn’t do a body good.  It’s our commitment to eating the RIGHT things more than the wrong things that keep us healthy.  In the words of myself, and Mr. T  “I pity the fool who don’t respect their digestive tracts!”

P.S. I Love You

4 Apr

My Society Finch partner Nicole is moving this week. Moving is one of the top five stressful life events, right up there with death, divorce, illness, and trying to find a parking space at a Trader Joe’s.

So while Nicole is in the throes of moving this week, I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you about how lucky I was to spend three glorious days in Palm Springs with friends and family.

Palm Springs is the opposite of stress. It’s full of mid-century modern architecture, seniors, cocktails, hot springs, and fabulous gay men!  A magical combination!

My husband and I first fell for Palm Springs when we stayed at the newly refurbished Riviera Palm Springs Resort in ‘09.  The Riviera originally opened in 1959 and immediately became the place for the definitive “Palm Springs experience” for celebs and sophisticates from all over the world. There are too many famous guests to mention but let’s just say when I realized the first pool my baby ever splashed around in was a pool that Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley swam in, it made this mama proud! What a story to tell her when she is older!

So while Nicole steam cleaned curtains we enjoyed The Riviera Resort which re-opened in fall 2008 with 70 million in renovations. Do you have any idea how great I would look someone would put 70 million into me?!

I might look as good as this….

My dear friend Jennifer came with us and was so excited to get there she got a speeding ticket from a very handsome police officer.

The 3 days went by quickly.  While Nicole lifted a couch (in two parts),  by herself up a flight of stairs.  I lifted several cocktails to my mouth by myself, including the Riviera’s Homemade Gin and Tonic.

Two of the three nights we had sitters for Lola in the evening so I dare say I enjoyed my time to the fullest!

While Nicole tried to order gluten and dairy free pizza, we munched on carnitas and chile rellenos covered in cheese at Las Casuelas Terraza.

While Nicole was second guessing her furniture placement I was second guessing a second martin at Melvyn’s, a classic old Hollywood Palm Springs restaurant.  Melvyn’s is so old-school that our waiter introduced himself as our “dining captain” which made Jennifer and I giggle.  Jennifer asked if she could call him “Captain, my captain” and I said I would give her 5 bucks if she did it.  I owe her 20 bucks.

So I relaxed this week, and Nicole did the complete opposite.  Yes I had a dinning captain, homemade G and T and almost got in a fight with Diane Keaton over a thirty dollar print at a thrift shop. But Nicole has moved into a beautiful new home, and that is a joy that’s going to last longer than my memories of Palm Springs…maybe. It was pretty awesome.

You know what Nicole doesn’t have a baby that wakes up every day at 6am so I think it all balances out in the end.

Hope you all had a great week!

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