Treat yourself like a baby.

16 Mar

My baby Lola’s life is pretty awesome. She eats amazing organic food, takes two naps a day, and gets outside at least once a day to enjoy the sunshine and look at flowers. Which brings me to yesterday, when I was feeding “said baby” her breakfast. Lola was enjoying warm oatmeal with crushed apples and black berries, followed by spinach and apple puffs. And me, the mother/caregiver/tall person, was drinking an extra large coffee eating a Zone Bar. So here was my baby eating a rainbow of colors, all organic, taking her time to savor (and occasionally spit out) every bite. And there’s me eating all things brown. Brown coffee and a brown protein bar, which half of the ingredients have come from a lab. And I am shoving it in my mouth with the desperation of a dog who was lost in the woods…for weeks.


That’s when I started to think why is it so easy to make sure the ones we love are eating right and being taken care of, but when it comes to us we sometimes treat ourselves like someone who is not worth the effort? Why do we regularly eat food that we know is poison for our bodies? Why do we spend our free time in front of a computer or TV or both when there is a miraculous world out there waiting to be discovered? (With the exception of reading this blog every week, obviously!)Why do we stay up late when we know we’d feel so much better if we had a nice bath, wrapped ourselves in a fluffy towel, applied some lotion on our skin and put ourselves to bed?


This week I challenge all of us to treat ourselves like babies. Take yourself to a park (or museum or gallery if the weather sucks), walk around and really look at things. Feed yourself 3 colorful square meals a day, and take the time to chew and swallow!  If you’re upset about something don’t hold it in. Let it out and let it go! Babies don’t know how to hold grudges!  If someone walking by makes eye contact and smiles (as long as they’re wearing pants) smile back and wave.  Dance a little bit. Doesn’t have to be ballet or The Robot, just stand and bounce your bum up and down a few times. It’s not complicated.  Most importantly let your loved ones know how much you care with lots of squeals and kisses!


One Response to “Treat yourself like a baby.”

  1. Jennifer Goodhue March 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    I love this article! I’m gonna stuff my face with some greens and go for a walk! (Or take a nap, also something Lola enjoys)

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